Tool Saga July 2021

Not to dwell on past Lowes examples of customer service. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I placed a MyLowes order, received the ready email then went to pick it up. When I arrived they had the items on the counter before they noticed that they had sent it to a store in Idaho. 1750 miles away. They told me that they couldn’t give me my merchandise because they sent it to Idaho. And wouldn’t give me a refund, in spite of me showing them a receipt. They said Idaho would have to do a return charge and that may take days. I then sought out a manager,
same line. They expected me to tie up my money for something I already bought and had to spend the same amount again if I wanted to buy it at the local store. I walked out at that point.

I then went and ordered it on Amazon. Two day delivery and I never had to leave home. Mind you I had returned two 10 dollar items to Amazon within the last two weeks. The first they actually sent me a UPS return label. The second time they figured out shipping cost just as much as the item cost and told me to keep it, they issued a return. Contrast that with Lowes.

Next I needed some paint to paint the kitchen cabinets. I proceeded to the Benjamin Moore dealer and researched it. The owner came out and answered all my questions and gave his expertise. I don’t care if I have to spend another 10 or twenty dollars. Besides, it’s a better paint. I went on the website and it’s what warehouses use to paint floors that forklifts will drive on.

Next I needed a pressure washer to replace a five year old $ 300 Troy Bilt, the damn thing just would not start. I replaced it with a Harbor Freight Bauer electric one. The pressure was almost as good as the old one. 2000 vs 2500 PSI. And it just runs. Listed for $230, got a $30 discount for joining the $30 buyers club. And as I was starting to load it. Two associates just materialized and loaded it for me.You would have had to run all over the place at Lowes just to find anybody. It has an attached soap bottle, the old one didn’t, the motor only turns on when activating the
wand. Silence.

And get this, I needed to replace a six year old 4 volt, $25 electric screwdriver that didn’t have enough umph. HF had a 12 volt detachable lithium ion drill for $20. A real drill.

I’m just waiting until my $220 Stihl weed whacker refuses to start. They have a Bauer that runs on batteries. $54 + 44 for the battery + 22 for the charger. And they take off $20 if you buy all three at once. That’s down to $100. And it just runs
Between Harbor Freight, Amazon, local paint stores and Tractor Supply. I will not step foot in this Lowes ever again!

UPDATE: My Stihl weed wacker worked third pull. Dang It! I haven’t started that in two years. That Stihl is good stuff. I bought it when the salesman took it off the display, took it in the service bay, put gas in it and it started second pull,. I told him I want that one.

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