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Dark Clouds Ahead

Last month I wrote about cloud computing. I recently saw a couple of things about this. First is the trend of companies growing their IT departments. Cloud computing offers a predefined generic solution for many companies. Often IT budgets are planned out in advance. Cloud services are on a pay as you use model. Making budgeting planning difficult.

Another is CEO and CIO lack of trust in cloud models. Coupled with that is the fear of losing control over the IT infrastructure and data.

Second thing I read is the LAPD’s unhappiness with Google’s Apps cloud model. It has been two years and they still aren’t satisfied with Google’s lack of security in meeting DOJ security demands. This seems to be a reoccurring factor when it comes to government agencies migrating to the cloud. Besides subjecting millions of personal records to virtual server farms, increasingly we are loosing IT professional skills to cheaper offshore companies. India? When these skills go away, it takes months even years to regain viable IT departments.