Orchestral Movie Themes

london_symphony_star_wars_michael_humphreyNothing makes a movie a timeless classic like a orchestral movie theme. There’s nothing like Kenny Loggins’ “I’m All Right”, or “Danger Zone” to anchor a movie in a set period of time. I prefer large orchestras over the latest top 40 flavor of the month as background music for movies. For this exercise I’m going to limit themes to the last forty years or so. Here are some notable examples. Feel free to add your favorites in the comments.

First of all there is the Legendary John Williams. If you haven’t heard this, crawl back under your rock.

Then there’s Hans Zimmer. His works include Red Tide, The Last Samurai, Interstellar and one of my all time favorite movies;

And another of my all time favorite movies obtains it’s soundtrack from Trevor Jones.

Then there is Michael Kamen (yes of S&M, Symphony and Metallica), Who has done so many soundtracks Wikipedia breaks it down by year.

And finally Michael Giachinno. I didn’t know this until I started research for this blog, he is credited for 31 soundtracks starting in 1977.

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  1. Rob O.

    The late (sadly, I was unaware he had died until just now) Jerry Goldsmith was a masterful film composer.

    The “Rudy” score is nothing less than stellar:

    Thomas Newman is phenomenal and has a massive body of work, including, to name a paltry few:

    “Six Feet Under”

    “Meet Joe Black”

    “Finding Nemo”

    Alan Silvestri may not immediately ring a bell, but his work sure will:

    “Forest Gump”

    “Back to the Future”


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