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Nagging Thoughts

After making a 2000 mile round trip to visit my brother in Odessa, TX (the one who hasn’t posted any of his two new car purchases), driving through a freak November snow storm in a full size two wheel drive pickup, I needed a new traveling vehicle. My brother’s wife Dede had just got a new one. And it got me dwelling on it. So I started researching the matter.





Out With the Old

My wife Benie was driving a 2007 Ford Focus she had cosigned for one of our daughters. Yeah, nuff said. I hated it. I’m a fairly big ole boy and that was like a clown car. Did I mention it had a 2.0 liter four bangers in it. It’s entry level at best. I figured rather than fooling with selling it, I’d let the dealer beat me up using it as a trade in. I was telling this to a neighbor and he mentioned that another neighbor’s grown son was looking for a dependable ride for his son who was starting college. One thing led to another and we made an appointment for the next weekend. Better hurry and degunk it. Did I mention my daughter is a slob.

focus gunk

Notice the seat


Muck and Mud

focus passthrough






After a few test drives and a little haggling I sold it for the mid range KBB good conition price. I got some cash, and he got a dependable, good MPG college car. Complete with all prior dealer service records. That’s it sitting at grandma’s across the street. We actually sold it before getting a new one. So I was at the point of no return then. Benie was driving my 1994 Ranger. I knew that wasn’t going to last long.

focus new home




The Research

After researching (man did I research the heck out of this), comparing and test driving a few. One site I liked to use was U.S. News and World Report. They rank them by category. So you get to see head to head your category of vehicle. We decided to go with some type of cross over. Now for those who don’t know all auto makers make a seven passenger crossover, a five passenger and then a smaller dinky five passenger. I didn’t want to have to shoehorn in the smallest one and have my knee constantly rubbing on something. And the seven passenger ones usually sacrifice the cargo area and nothing but little kids are going to be comfortable with on that third row anyway. So the larger five passenger CUV (crossover vehicle)  it is. Naturally being a blue oval guy I emailed Christina the internet sales person for our local Ford dealer. Their CUVs are Explorer(7), Edge(5+) and Escape(5-). We drove an Edge. We also looked at Honda(CX5), Nissan(Murano) and Hyundai(Santa Fe). Benie fell in love with the Santa Fe. And the dimensions were within +/- one half inch with the Edge. Oh by the way Hyundai’s CUV lineup is the Santa Fe(7), Santa Fe Sport(5+) and Tucson(5-).





The Choice

At first I was a little hesitant about getting anything less than a six cylinder. The Edge offered one but the Santa Fe sport model only offered a four cylinder turbo. I figured with a ten year drive train warranty I’ll drive anything if they are going to keep it running for ten years. Another plus. So after buying six consecutive Ford vehicles in a row I got the Hyundai Santa Fe sport turbo. The only deal breaker from Benie was no more white vehicles. She has a loathing to white cars the same way Gerrit Graham did with red ones in Used Cars.

cabo bronze

The color is  called Cabo Bronze. It has all the packages you can throw at it. Monster nine speaker Infinity stereo, satellite, touch screen navigation, their version of Onstar called Bluelink, power sunroof, proximity entry with push button start, heated and cooled leather seats. I think I’m going to move in there. Here’s Benie in her new ride Oh and don’t tell Dad.



Benie in Her New Ride


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