No Sir I Don’t Like It

Monday I received an Email from Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix. He announced that Netflix was going to split into two separate companies. Netflix being the streaming company and Qwikster being the DVD company. While he says the price will be the same, there will be two separate bills. And this includes two separate websites. Good god man, leave it alone. What about the needs of the customer? That’s what is missing here. Two separate lists? Many, many films that are not available to stream have to be on your DVD list. I don’t want to have two separate lists on distinct sites to update and cross-reference. Streaming and DVD service may be two different services for Netflix but for the customer, they are largely one in the same — access to films. If I can stream it, great, but if not, send me the DVD. Until all the films are available to stream , this doesn’t make sense. The new pricing structure was dumb, this is dumber. At last count on the Netflix blog there are about 25,000 negative posts. Maybe Netflix will see how they pissed off/on their customers and do a 180. I don’t need a DVD company or a streaming company. I need a movie company. With so much of the internet and companies touting integration this move seems like Netflix is taking a giant step backwards. This is likeĀ  if Amazon removed the 1-click buying button.

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3 thoughts on “Netfraks

  1. Rob O.

    The upside is that you probably can at least find some old Happy Days episodes on Netflix (streaming) so you can re-watch Fonzie jumping the shark…

    Sad thing is that a lot of lemmings will tolerate being treated this way and keep right on sending their disposable income right into Hasting’s pockets.

    I’ll definitely miss seeing those red envelopes in the mailbox and you can’t beat the convenience, so maybe the company will have gotten past all of this nonsense by the time we’ve worked our backlog of ripped movies down.

  2. Bigdawg Post author

    To me the streaming part was suppose to be a kudo to enhance the DVDs. I’m sticking with it for a little longer. just to see if they can get more streaming deals. If I cancel anything it would be the streaming part. To me it’s all been about the DVDs.

  3. Silverfiddle

    I have cancelled my streaming. Their streaming catalog sucks! It was a nice add-on, but I ain’t payin’ fer it!

    I do like their mail DVD service so I’ll cross over to quackster or what the hell ever they call it…


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