Muammar – Come Out to Plaaaay

Well it looks like Muammar is all but over. Rebel forces have taken his compound and are hopefully mopping up. I personally think he’s either split the country, which I doubt, or they’ll find him in a Saddam rat hole. I know it’s not too Christian of me to say this but the best thing for the world is for the rebels to find him first. They claim they will make short work of him and bring about a richly deserved justice. I mean can you imagine the fiasco of Gaddafi being captured and hauled to the Hague for crimes against humanity? I know that the families of the Pan Am flight 103 victims would like to see closure. But I’m guessing seeing him strung up in the streets on ITN might bring some measure of relief also.

Now, what about the new government? As in much of the middle east, the rebels are made up of regionally loyal tribal factions. It’s going to be hard to get them to agree on anything. Then you have the problem of outside forces taking over the void. When dictators are ousted you loose all police and command structure as well. This isn’t a time for the US to sit back and watch sitting on our hands. I’m not saying that we need to rush in and take charge but we do need a little behind the scenes influence. The last thing we need is for Al Qaeda to step in and fill the region with hateful rhetoric and anti western terrorist propaganda.

Lastly I commend NATO for getting involved. We can’t be the sole world cop. And shouldn’t have to be.

We’ll gladly help them all we can. They can ship us discounted oil and we’ll deliver US aid. Sounds fair.

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  1. silverfiddle

    When they say nato, they really mean the US…

    If that dude had been smart, he would have taken his hundreds of millions, his buxom Eastern European nurses and his bevy of beautiful Amazonian bodyguards and split to Venezuela.


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