Google Bug Juice

Only Constant is Change

Google has changed it privacy policies. Now data that has always been collected will be shared across all Google platforms. This means if you have a Google or Gmail account, and are logged in, Google will combine all platforms. Just some of these are Google search, Gmail, Google+, Google Docs, Picasa, and Android smart phones. I know the latter because when I use my Blogger (GMail) password to log into say,, my GalaxyS phone downloads my G+ posts. As I am composing this post in Google Docs I expect this to be included also.

Alternative Meds

This consolidation will only occur if you’re logged in. Me I’m fine with this. As I drink freely and deeply from the Google bug juice dispenser. BTW I like the red bug juice. If this bothers you don’t use Google products. You can search with Bing (15.2%) or Yahoo (14.1%). You can visit Google’s “Data Liberation Front” website for instructions in exporting data out of Google products. The Electronic Frontier Foundation also has instructions on removing your Google search history from your account. But remember kiddies once it’s out there, it’s there forever. Take note young gals. It might seem a lark to post a nude pic somewhere. But you’re going to have to explain this to the grand kids someday. And they will be a heck of a lot more tech savy than anyone here today.

Big Bother

And don’t forget big brother. The FTC has repeatedly investigated them so much that I ‘m sure the government either has voluntary or involuntary data access. So if you’re doing anything illegal expect a knock on the door.

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