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White Out


You can’t make this up. At San Fransisco State University (ah San Fran, that bastion of conservative staunchness) all Black Dorms are now the thing. Yeah, imagine the WASP contingency trying that. They claim that anyone can live in the Dorms. But they want a Afro themed “safe space” Maybe they need to chug over to mamby pamby land.

Maybe the entire delegation of Bubbas need to apply for a room. As usual the comments on the attached article are the best part.

San Fran CBS

Daily Caller’s Take



Pot Calling the Frying Pan

Wendy Davis (D) is running against Greg Abbott (R) for the seat of Governor in Texas. During a recent debate she ask Greg if in his role as State Attorney general would he have defended a ban on interracial marriage if it existed? Not that it ever did. She also attacked him claiming by supporting punitive judgment limits he was against people in wheelchairs. Now are you ready for this? Greg Abbott is a paraplegics who is confined to a wheelchair and is inter racially married to a Latina for 33 years. If he is elected she will be the first LatinaTexas First Lady.



Oh, and one last thing.


Remember Vote Today !!!!

Or shut up

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about the results.

Vote Early Vote Often

I read today that Obama’s Justice department filed an objection to the Texas voter identification law. The Justice Department’s head of the civil rights division, Tom Perez, sent a a six-page letter to Texas’ director of elections saying that Texas has not “sustained its burden” under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act to show that the new law will not have a discriminatory effect. WTF? How hard is it to get an ID card of some kind? How do these people (from now on meaning the identification challenged) cash checks? Either paycheck or welfare. How do they cash in food stamps, or collect any type of public or private benefits? How can anybody exist in a modern society without the ability to prove who they are?

Holder’s Justice Department is another one of his tools for playing the race card. And by proxy Obama also. Holder, Jesse Jackson and ACORN would like to tell you a fable of voter ID trampling down the rights of the black man. Obama’s reelection will surely hinge on ten or

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twelve key states such as Ohio, Michigan and Virginia, all which have large African American populations. Obama can’t tout financial prosperity to his African American base? I mean what if they ask themselves, ” Am I better off than I was four years “? No he is playing the race card through Holder, artificially creating a race discrimination that isn’t there just so he can ride in and conquer the mighty evil Republicans.

Study after study reveals that voter ID has virtually no effect on legal voters. The only thing it does is prevent people that are not authorized to vote to not do so. I would suspect that the Texas objection is stemming from the states large Hispanic population. As a native Texan, every Texan Hispanic citizen I knew had some form of identification. The only ones that didn’t have any were wetbacks. There I said it. It’s not a racial term, it’s a bias against illegal foreign invaders. The Hispanic U.S. citizen or legal foreign nationals, it doesn’t apply to them. Duh.

Last year my state of residence Mississippi and I voted in a mandatory voter identification law. All this means is you have to show a government issued picture ID to vote. This is anything from driver’s license, state ID, Retired Military card, government worker ID, state university, passport or any government issued ID. I’m sure Holder will eventually get around to us. In the meantime, tomorrow I’m off to cast my vote for presidential candidate. My only dilemma is whether to take my driver’s license, military ID, government computer access card, passport or concealed carry license as identification.