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Race to the Bottom


As I was watching Hannity on Fox News last night on one of his segments featured Tavis Smiley. Tavis Smiley is a talk show host, author, liberal political commentator. He currently hosts the PBS talk show Tavis Smiley. He was brining to light how he has become disenfranchised with President Obama. He and fellow Poverty Tour speaker Cornell West have been critical of his hands off approach to the poor, mostly inner city and Native American reservation poor. Cornell West teaches African American studies as a Professor at Princeton University, and is a member of the Democratic Socialists of American. The fact of the matter is while Obama’s approval rating dropped 5% among blacks, he still enjoys 85% support. He also dropped 5 points in the Hispanic community, from 59% to 54%. There will always be some support in these camps despite the fact that their lives are steadily getting worst. But he is losing numbers.Obama has kept unemployment in the nine percent bracket, has focused on deficit instead of jobs and panders to the rich and elite. As more and more of his poor supporters witness more $2500 a plate diners they will one by one move away from supporting him. The problem is that he was seen as one of them. They expected more from him just because he was black. There I said it. A lot of the last liberal voters that turned out last election never had voted before. Having never studied politics they couldn’t understand that he would have never one if he had focused on one particular faction. I read somewhere, and if I could remember where, I would credit them. In order for a minority political to win locally, say, a city councilman, he focused on his constituents. Mostly made up of an ethnic or race group. But as he expanded out to city, state or national seats he had to broaden his constituency to everyone, abandoning the singular original core.

And Justice from All

More than six in 10 now disapprove of Obama’s work on jobs and the economy. This is everybody. Obama needs to shore up the same base that put him in office in 2008. But he can’t. He has always ran on the “One America” platform. If he placates his base he risks further losses from the rest of the majority. Already more and more independents are starting to look at GOP policies on the economy and job creation. He has an uphill battle. Frankly one I can’t see him winning, considering he basically has one year to do what he couldn’t in two and a half.

Weekend Update


Remember that New Mexico trooper that was entertaining the chihuahua when he was performing community policing to the dog’s female owner. Well he’s been identified as Bert Lopez and was sacked. Which might have been too bad. In 2009 he won his districts Officer of the year award. Looks like political correctness at work. Whatever happened to corrective punishment? Let’s Be Safe out There

Valid Point or Sour

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This was sent by my buddy Ric. Silverfiddle at Western Hero know him. I can’t vouch for the validity of it. But since it’s a forum, anybody can post anything on them. General FU

No Thanks, I’m Driving

Five NASCAR drivers turned down a request by President Obama to attend a White House invitation to honor the Chase for the Cup champions. These are Greg Biffle, Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick, Kurt Busch and Carl Edwards. NASCAR has a long tradition of being conservative. No one knows if this a political statement or just a race schedule that doesn’t have much extra time to spare. But unlike other sports NASCAR drivers are independent businessmen. and private sector employees. They are businessmen who know that their livelihood depends on a thriving U.S. economy. Vroom a Zoom Zoom

Money Shot

To add to Western Hero recent post, Rush Limbaugh has suggested that Pres Obama has shot his wad and should resign. That’s Rush, pure class. Not that I disagree, but I may have phrased it different. Way to go Rush. Boom Chica Wow Wow

Mad Bomber Follow Up

Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi’s

family has reported that rebel forces has stolen his cancer drugs. They have begged to Britain, Scotland and the rest of the EU community. So far no country has responded. May I suggest that Scotland offerto continue his treatments. I’m sure they have adequate care in their prison infirmaries.

Good Riddance Mad Bomber


Same as it Ever Was

Nothing New Here

Lockerbie bomber Abdel Basset al-Megrahi was found in Lybia by rebel forces. But if you think he’s finally going to meet justice, think again. On Sunday, the Libyan rebels’ interim governmentsaid it would not allow al-Megrahi to be extradited.“We will not give any Libyan citizen to the West,” National Transitional Council Justice Minister Mohammed al-Alagi said…Meh Mad Bomber

Peter Principle

Up to Date

By now I’m sure you are aware of the operation Fast and Furious debacle. In case you haven’t surfaced from Dancing With the Stars, Survivor or Two and a Half Men long enough to catch some headlines, let me offer a quick refresher. Between the fall of 2009 into late 2010 the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms launched an operation to permit otherwise-suspected straw buyers to purchase weapons in the United States then transport them to Mexico , to build cases against Mexican drug cartels. The operation ended in December 2010 with the death of a US border agent, Brian Terry. Two of the guns known to have been purchased in the operation was found at his murder scene. Out of 2000 guns released by the ATF only 600 of them have been recovered. Leaving 1400 unaccounted for. Probably into drug cartel hands.


The Los Angeles Times reported last week that William G. McMahon, William D. Newell and David Voth, three key supervisors in the Phoenix-run investigation that went awry, were promoted to management positions at the ATF’s Washington headquarters. The agency’s acting director, Kenneth E. Melson, told the Oversight and Government Reform Committee staff that the jobs were not considered promotions because no one got a raise. AFT said in its statement: “Media reports inaccurately characterized personnel changes “as promotions.”

Shut Up and Color

At first I was outraged when I read this. But then after a couple of drinks and a couple of days I looked at it in a different light. In the military there is the inside joke that when a high ranking commander gets fired, especially failing a major Inspector General inspection, that he gets a headquarters assignment. Now this isn’t a fast track assignment. It’s an assignment to quietly finish a career. Too close to retirement to get separated. They are given a desk and a position with no authority. They get a box of crayons, a coloring book, maybe a phone and are told to shut up, color and don’t make waves. I

have seen this happen to senior enlisted. We called them ROAD sergeants. (Retired On Active Duty) This may be the case on these ATF agents.

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I don’t know. But that’s how bureaucracies work. Let them retire because to fire them would create unwanted attention. If this is the case, it would have worked if not for those pesky kids at the LA Times.

Military Retirement Unfair? Really?

Reminds Me of Gen McPeak and the Quality Air Force

A recent Defense Business Board study concludes that military benefits are “more generous and expensive” than those available in the private sector, and have therefore become “unaffordable” and “unfair.” Created back when military skills did not easily translate into civilian second careers, the system is also unnecessary, the study argues. And with retirees no longer dying as quickly as they once did, well it’s darn well inconvenient to boot. DBB wants to lift a page out of the corporate playbook: “renegotiate” (i.e. “reduce”) the workforce’s benefits package. Of course, the workforce in this case has spent the past decade not pulling shifts on an assembly line, but rotating between various theaters of war. Put simply, the retirement system promises military members half of their pay for life in exchange for 20 years of service, with the percentage of money increasing incrementally for those who serve more than 20 years. In its place, the DBB advocates a 401(k)-type arrangement with service members and the government both kicking in contributions. The DBB wants the Pentagon to scrap a lifelong retirement pension. In its place, the board would institute a tax-sheltered savings account to accompany service members into the post-military workplace. Counting on civilian employers to contribute to that account, while stipulating that benefits would be “payable at age 60 to 65” rather than at 40 or 45. Providing for Sgt Snorkel’s retirement would become an individual responsibility, shared by however many employers Snorkel could induce to pitch in, not a responsibility that the Pentagon would have to bear alone. I got news for you 401(k) plans may be the civilian norm but military life isn’t the civilian norm either.

This Isn’t Your Daddy’s Military

Gone are the days of cold war luxury. Now it’s frequent rotation. And in case anybody hasn’t been keeping up, we’re losing Germany and Philippines assignments, replacing them with Iraq and Afghanistan. And it’s been that way for the last twenty years. How many civilian jobs force workers to be apart from their families for months or a year? I don’t see any companies in my city that forces it’s workers to live in a crowded tent city like some refugee. Eating freeze dried food in plastic bags. As a retired military member, I never had the chance to tell my boss to “bugger off I quit.” I knew about this up front. I knew that I had to stay in for twenty years to get a retirement. So I toughed it out and went to the desert one more time in my forties. A 401(k) retirement plan? Imagine if the military’s retirement funds were in Wall Street in 2007. When Wall Street tanks a 401(k) pension plan. Service members can’t retire as planned. And now they’re talking about not drawing retirement until your 60? You’re going to see 60 year old men deploying to war zones.

What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

The concept of professionalism remains alive and well in the ranks of the armed forces, where an ethos of service and a commitment to a code of personal conduct have survived. An overhaul would commercialize military service. The effect would be to transform profession into trade, reducing long-serving officers and non-commissioned officers to the status of employees, valued as long as they are needed, expendable when they are not, forgotten the day they leave. I view my retirement pay as home equity I never had. Sure you get a second career because you have to get a second career. And you’re not going to start at the top of a corporation. If you consider the military is a profession that regularly gets sent into harm’s way, then the current retirement system is on par if not as generous as a major city’s police department of FBI agent’s retirement. 99 percent of society chooses to let the remaining one percent fight their wars and take the risks that they won’t take. Then society shouldn’t begrudge these service members of a fair reward. Fox News: Are Military Pensions Too ‘Generous’?

Backdoor Gun Control

knotted gunLast month the United Nations held a third meeting of the Preparatory Committee for the Arms Trade Treaty. The committee discusses the content of the treaty in advance of a meeting of the conference in 2012 to finalize the treaty and open it for ratification. In January 2010 the U.S. joined 152other countries in endorsing a U.N. Arms Treaty Resolution that will establish a 2012 conference to draft a blueprint for enactment. None other than our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has pledged to push for Senate ratification. Hillary Clinton is not generally known as a gun rights enthusiast. She has been a long-time activist for federal firearms licensing and registration, and a vigorous opponent of state Right-to-Carry laws. As a New York senator she ranked among the National Rifle Association’s worst rating-F. President Obama’s record is no better. First he hails from Illinois, the only state that denies its citizens from lawfully carrying a concealed weapon. His appointment of anti-gun rights former Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels as an alternate U.S. representative to the U.N. In a move unprecedented in American history, the Obama administration quietly banned the re-importation and sale of 850,000 collectable antique U.S.-manufactured M1 Garand and Carbine rifles. Then you have Vice President Joe Biden. He voted for permanent waiting periods, to limit magazine capacity, to effectively eliminate gun shows and to ban most rifle ammunition. He was a leading advocate for the original semi-auto ban and for reauthorizing it a decade later. As the one-time chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Biden was in a key position to attack the Second Amendment, and he rarely missed the opportunity to do so. They know taking on citizens second amendment rights head on is political suicide, like the 1994 house elections after failed gun control legislation. So they approach it under the radar, hoping you won’t notice. Bringing us back to the UN arms treaty. It probably won’t surprise anyone but United Nations doesn’t approve of your Second Amendment rights. Under the masquerade of a proposed global Small Arms Treaty our Constitutional right for law-abiding citizens to own and bear arms are being targeted. You can see this by the sculpture of a gun with its barrel knotted up outside the UN headquarters in New York. Now to you and me, an arms treaty is like when Gorbachev and Reagan met in Reykjavík to reduce nuclear missiles. But the UN sees things differently. The Arms Treaty will almost certainly force the U.S. to:

  • Enact tougher licensing and registration requirements. Clearly setting the stage for full-scale gun confiscation
  • Confiscate and destroy all “unauthorized” civilian firearms. Meaning yours,not the governments.
  • Ban the trade, sale and private ownership of all semi-automatic weapons. Youknow, not revolvers or single shots.
  • In short, overriding our national sovereignty, and in the process bypassingour constitution and elected law making bodies.

At last count, 58 senators, including 13 Democrats, have signed letters to the president and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton saying they will oppose the Arms Trade Treaty . The treaty must win a two-thirds majority to win passage, meaning that approval appears doomed if the treaty language isn’t changed. Kansas Republican Sen. Jerry Moran is leading the largest group of opposition. In a letter signed by 44 Senators to President Obama he writes, “An Arms Trade Treaty that does not protect ownership of civilian firearms will fail in the Senate. Our firearm freedoms are not negotiable.”

You can also take a stand by contacting your elected officials and letting them know that an assault to your constitutional freedoms will not be tolerated. Hint: I’ve found that including your voter ID number in the signature ensures a response.

Contact your Senators and Representatives: Chuck Norris gunfight: Rand Paul Survey:

Wayne Lapierre addresses the United Nations:

Muammar – Come Out to Plaaaay

Well it looks like Muammar is all but over. Rebel forces have taken his compound and are hopefully mopping up. I personally think he’s either split the country, which I doubt, or they’ll find him in a Saddam rat hole. I know it’s not too Christian of me to say this but the best thing for the world is for the rebels to find him first. They claim they will make short work of him and bring about a richly deserved justice. I mean can you imagine the fiasco of Gaddafi being captured and hauled to the Hague for crimes against humanity? I know that the families of the Pan Am flight 103 victims would like to see closure. But I’m guessing seeing him strung up in the streets on ITN might bring some measure of relief also.

Now, what about the new government? As in much of the middle east, the rebels are made up of regionally loyal tribal factions. It’s going to be hard to get them to agree on anything. Then you have the problem of outside forces taking over the void. When dictators are ousted you loose all police and command structure as well. This isn’t a time for the US to sit back and watch sitting on our hands. I’m not saying that we need to rush in and take charge but we do need a little behind the scenes influence. The last thing we need is for Al Qaeda to step in and fill the region with hateful rhetoric and anti western terrorist propaganda.

Lastly I commend NATO for getting involved. We can’t be the sole world cop. And shouldn’t have to be.

We’ll gladly help them all we can. They can ship us discounted oil and we’ll deliver US aid. Sounds fair.

Backdoor Amnesty

We don't need no stinkin' constitution The US constitution article 1, section 8 states that Congress shall have the power To establish an uniform rule of naturalization. Article 2, section 1 states “Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:–“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Section 3 states, “he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed” Don’t take my word for it go look it up. Homeland Security announced it wold halt deportation proceedings to all illegal aliens except those that commit serious crimes. He is using executive decision to effectively ignore the laws of the land that he swore to uphold. Congress is equally to blame for this. Where is their outrage? They meekly standby and abdicate their authority to solely establish law in this country. They further erode the separation of powers. Much like legal immigrants to this country, perhaps Congress should have to pass a civics test, to include knowledge of the American constitution.Of course the 400,000 deported illegals last year really pissed off the Hispanic community and puts a dent in the Obama voting machine. As Jan Brewer the Arizona governor said, “We need to remind President Obama that we elected a president that serves beneath the law and did not anoint a king that is above the law.”

Unarmed in England



During the recent riots in London, we can see the effects of a disarmed society. The world watched as law abiding citizens were attacked openly in the streets by swarms of youths with no skills, education, values or aspirations. On Amazon”s UK site sales of baseball bats increased 5000 percent. Yes that”s right baseball bats not cricket bats. Somehow the phrase “I”ll give you my bat when you pry it from my cold, dead hands” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.