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Dark Clouds Ahead

Last month I wrote about cloud computing. I recently saw a couple of things about this. First is the trend of companies growing their IT departments. Cloud computing offers a predefined generic solution for many companies. Often IT budgets are planned out in advance. Cloud services are on a pay as you use model. Making budgeting planning difficult.

Another is CEO and CIO lack of trust in cloud models. Coupled with that is the fear of losing control over the IT infrastructure and data.

Second thing I read is the LAPD’s unhappiness with Google’s Apps cloud model. It has been two years and they still aren’t satisfied with Google’s lack of security in meeting DOJ security demands. This seems to be a reoccurring factor when it comes to government agencies migrating to the cloud. Besides subjecting millions of personal records to virtual server farms, increasingly we are loosing IT professional skills to cheaper offshore companies. India? When these skills go away, it takes months even years to regain viable IT departments.

Weekend Update


Remember that New Mexico trooper that was entertaining the chihuahua when he was performing community policing to the dog’s female owner. Well he’s been identified as Bert Lopez and was sacked. Which might have been too bad. In 2009 he won his districts Officer of the year award. Looks like political correctness at work. Whatever happened to corrective punishment? Let’s Be Safe out There

Valid Point or Sour

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This was sent by my buddy Ric. Silverfiddle at Western Hero know him. I can’t vouch for the validity of it. But since it’s a forum, anybody can post anything on them. General FU

No Thanks, I’m Driving

Five NASCAR drivers turned down a request by President Obama to attend a White House invitation to honor the Chase for the Cup champions. These are Greg Biffle, Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick, Kurt Busch and Carl Edwards. NASCAR has a long tradition of being conservative. No one knows if this a political statement or just a race schedule that doesn’t have much extra time to spare. But unlike other sports NASCAR drivers are independent businessmen. and private sector employees. They are businessmen who know that their livelihood depends on a thriving U.S. economy. Vroom a Zoom Zoom

Money Shot

To add to Western Hero recent post, Rush Limbaugh has suggested that Pres Obama has shot his wad and should resign. That’s Rush, pure class. Not that I disagree, but I may have phrased it different. Way to go Rush. Boom Chica Wow Wow

Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

There’s no way

I can let this slide. Two days ago the Santa Fe police department released building surveillance footage of a New Mexico state trooper vigorously interviewing a female suspect on the hood of a car. He is in full service uniform. Although I can imagine the battle rattle ‘his service belt. A Chihuahua is seen witnessing the act.

Trend or Stupid

I don’t think this is indicative of any trend or a sign of society gone astray. It’s simply a case of a stupid decision. Nothing new, people have been making dumb choices forever. This matter is under Internal Affairs investigation. While it may not violate any laws, it does show the department in a bad light and may violate morality rules. Police have to always worry about the appearance of public perception. Hey, I don’t begrudge him getting a little on the side. Just take off the uniform. Most modern departments have core value and standards of conduct rules. It’s just too bad for this guy that this went national. Just slap a reprimand, a week off without pay, and let him learn from his mistakes.