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No Habla Espanol

On Sunday the Obama White House administration rushed to call Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai condolences for the alleged shooting of civilians by a U.S. service member. Obama stated to him that no effort would be spared to gather facts and hold those responsible fully accountable under the law. The incident in question accuses one lone US service member of walking into Afghanistan homes and shooting down a conflicted number of civilians, including nine children and three women. I say conflicting because when reporters showed up, they were shown burned bodies under blankets. Why were the bodies of a shooting burnt? The accused was a regular soldier in support of a special ops unit. If he did this , I hope he gets everything he has coming to him. But let me stress one thing, He acted alone.

Someone who did not act alone was Eric Holder. President Barack Obama has never apologized to Mexican President Felipe Calderon for the 300 civilians murdered with weapons the United States provided to Mexico’s drug cartels. 300 civilians and one American border Patrol agent Brian Terry. When asked the White House on Sunday March 11why Obama hasn’t similarly apologized to Calderon for the murders that resulted from the U.S. policy of providing weapons to the Mexican cartels. Obama spokesman Eric Schultz did not answer.

Mr. Obama, if you want to get the facts as quickly as possible and to hold accountable anyone responsible in Afghanistan, don’t you support the same goal in regards to Operation Fast and Furious?


Mad Bomber Follow Up

Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi’s

family has reported that rebel forces has stolen his cancer drugs. They have begged to Britain, Scotland and the rest of the EU community. So far no country has responded. May I suggest that Scotland offerto continue his treatments. I’m sure they have adequate care in their prison infirmaries.

Good Riddance Mad Bomber


Same as it Ever Was

Nothing New Here

Lockerbie bomber Abdel Basset al-Megrahi was found in Lybia by rebel forces. But if you think he’s finally going to meet justice, think again. On Sunday, the Libyan rebels’ interim governmentsaid it would not allow al-Megrahi to be extradited.“We will not give any Libyan citizen to the West,” National Transitional Council Justice Minister Mohammed al-Alagi said…Meh Mad Bomber