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Yard Photos From Cousin Kathy

On Facebook my cousin Kathy has posted several photos of yard decorations. Some of these have been inventive.

Like this whimsical elf house made out of a cut down tree. Now I wish I hadn’t cut my stumps so low when I felled some trees.








Or the rainwater garden








Privacy planter








Pallet Seating








Boozehound Hummingbird feeders








Fun with blocks

Or the redneck screw art

Flight of the Hummingbirds

It’s that time of the year again.

The Ruby Throated Hummingbird are about ready to migrate here in northern Mississippi. They are in great abundance now storing up the winter fats for the migration to Mexico and all along Central America. Some Ruby Throated Humming Birds start out out as far north as Canada. The Ruby Throated is the most common hummingbird in the eastern US.

These suckers are fascinating to watch. The past two weeks they are emptying a quart sized feeder every two days. And I have seven of them.  You don’t need any fancy solutions. I just use water, sugar and red food color. During the summer months I mix a four to one ratio. When They start to gather in numbers I switch them over to a three to one ratio.

And yes they do chirp. It’s a high pitch squeaky sound. Along with the buzzing of the wings. After a while they become accustomed to people. When I go out to change their feed, they will all swoop down and wait on me. They know we’re feeding them. Below is photos to enjoy along with a small 30 second video. Yes it’s on my back porch.


Sorry for the video quality. I had to re-encode it pretty heavy to get it to the WordPress size limitation. It’s kinda jerky. I should have used a tripod but I didn’t.


Spring 2016 at Bloomers Again

It’s springtime again. That means it’s time for the Mrs. to haul me, my pickup and my money to the lawn and garden stops. First stop today was Lowes. Apparently everybody had the same ideal. There was a long line waiting just to drive up to the mulch pallets. So off to Bloomers we go. For another post, see April 22, 2012. As Benie was spending my bucks, I sat on a stuffed porch swing on the wrap around wooden porch. There were a dozen of the large low pitched wind chimes and the breeze was making them resonate in a low lulling sound. Check it out

I picked up some seedling plants. Cherokee tomatoes and Jalapeno peppers.


Cherokee (purple) Tomatoes


Feel the Heat






Oh, and they still have this. And yes it still screams Rob.

This Screams Rob

This Screams Rob






Enjoy the pictures and video that I took this afternoon. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

20160402_150229 (Medium)20160402_144206 (Medium)20160402_144150 (Medium)20160402_144012 (Medium)20160402_144007 (Medium)20160402_143956 (Medium)20160402_143951 (Medium)20160402_143937 (Medium)20160402_144508


Great, I woke up to this today.  So I sharpened up my chainsaw chain. Got out the lawn cart, beater truck and enlisted the help of Mrs. Bigdawg.  Now I’ve got a bunch of faggots sitting on my curb.   And a redneck garden tool and glove storage

timber 001timber 002timber 007

timber 004timber 009timber 003


Took a Drive to a Local Country Nursery

I needed a peach tree, because apparently you need two. Cross pollination and all that. This place in Caledonia, Mississippi is a place Paul James would love. It’s nestled in the country surrounded by tall lush woods and open farm fields. It’s called Bloomers

It has a rich assortment of plants, flowers and trees. With all kinds of yard novelties ranging from whimsical to tacky.

In the center is a building with a completely enclosed walk around porch. I arrived on a windy day and was treated to all the wind chimes singing in harmony. It was sort of cool when the big deep sounding ones synced their octaves. It was kind of spiritual in a connected nature kind of way.

Check out my media section for all the pictures. Oh, and this

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is all Rob.

This Screams Rob