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U.S. Army Finally Chooses M9 Replacement

The M9 is the US military’s Beretta Model 92 service pistol.  The M9 replaced the M1911 when it entered service in 1990. I remember when they did this. There was some concerns over stopping power when using the 9mm ball ammo.  A few arguments in favor of the switch from 45ACP to 9mm was increased magazine capacity, the military was getting more smaller men and women in larger numbers and the 9mm has less recoil  and standardizing the caliber with NATO. Never mind the USAF issued me a 38 Special, but that’s another gripe.

On 2005 the US Special Operations Command conducted the M9 replacement plan called the Joint Combat Pistol program. Some requirements were 45 caliber, striker fired, high capacity. Several manufactures submitted designs including S&W, Sig, H&K, Springfield Armory, Taurus, Ruger, Beretta, and FN.

On January 19, 2017 the Army announced it was replacing the M9 with the XM17, a military version of the Sig Sauer P320. This is a modular handgun system. Grips can be changed for better ergonomics, barrel lengths and calibers can be changed. The core is a serialized frame.  It is a polymer striker fired pistol with a Picatinny rail.

The Army has chosen the 9mm over the 40 caliber. I suspect that they will move away from ball ammo towards newer 9mm that offers better ballistics and expansion.  This is a result of the Modular Handgun System (MHS) study co authored with the Air Force.  The Marines have expressed a desire to replace their sidearms by 2020. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t choose this by then. The Navy SEALS have always liked the 9mm cartridge and until recently used the Sig Sauer P226. It wouldn’t be that much of a leap for the Navy to get on board. The SEALS are now using the Glock 19 now BTW. But during the MHS trials the Glock lost out because it wasn’t a modular system.

Army Times

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Mississippi Supreme Court Overturns Open Carry Injunction

House Bill 2 is now the law of the land

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and state leaders are hailing the ruling as a victory for the right to bear arms.whats the lock

Today, the state Supreme Court overturned a decision by Hinds County Circuit Judge Winston Kidd blocking the open carry/concealed weapon law from going into effect.The bill’s author, state Rep. Andy Gipson, R-Braxton, said he knew his bill was constitutional and was pleased the state Supreme Court agreed with him.

House Bill 2 only clarified what constitutes a concealed weapon. He said the legislation didn’t change any law. He said open carry has always been allowed in the 1890 state Constitution. A concealed carry permit is still needed to carry concealed.

packing heat


Last September I blogged about my experience with my FN/FAL battle rifle. While the trigger pull kit improved trigger pull over 100 percent I still wanted an AR style rifle. I narrowed my choice to a lower priced Armalite AR, a DPMS CAR and a DPMS heavy barrel. The Armalite turned out to be an Olympic Arms that Armalite uses to manufacture it’s lower end models. The DPMS collapsible stock seemed a little too rear heavy. This is probably because of the increased weight of the 308 size and a 16 inch barrel. The DPMS LR-308B uses an 18 inch heavy barrel, flat top receiver, picatinny rail and the best part is the DPMS pattern uses cheaper parts such as magazines. One manufacturer is Magpul. So I got this. LR-308B


About this time I purchased a Remington 700P-LTR. 700pltr It uses a 20 inch fluted bull barrel, floated in aluminum bedding the entire length of the Hogue stock.

I ended up selling my FAL to a friend from work. So that dilemma solved. Despite being retired Navy, he will give it a good home. And as we are in troubling times when it comes to our second amendment freedoms I like to think that firearms are imbued with more character than washing machines, televisions or chainsaws. While stopping short of referring to them by given names, they carry a recollection fondness. Invoking memories of fun times, past experiences, sporting accomplishments and shared experiences with friends and colleagues. I’m sure he will give it the attention, use and care that past owners have given it for over 30 years of it’s colorful and interesting history.

soapboxSoapbox Time

Oh and write your congress representatives. Let them know !!! Don’t forget to sign your name with your voter ID.That way they’ll know you are someone they have to be held accountable to. And support the NRA. Whether you agree with or not, they are the largest lobbying group out there. I feel that while the other groups out there may be doing fine work, the NRA has strength of numbers behind them. I’m not saying don’t support the other organizations, just support them also while supporting the NRA. Me personally I send money to the NRA-ILA also. I’m a life member of the NRA so Inever have to send dues to them. That doesn’t mean that my support stops there. The NRA-ILA is the political lobby arm of the NRA


FAL Saga

I’ve been looking at

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/ for AR-10s.(308) Figured I’d put a trigger reduction kit from Falcon Arms in my FN-FAL to make it more marketable. The old trigger had a horrendous pull, at least 10-11 lbs.   Rhodesia After I put the kit in to my surprise it now has a 5 lb pull , no creep, smooth let off.         Here is the target I shot after the trigger job.

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At 100 yards off sandbag.

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I was thinking about getting a full stock. Mitch has this.       Now I’m torn, I’ve all but talked myself into an AR-10. At this point I’m thinking about keeping the FAL for a long gun and getting a CAR flattop A3 style.