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Made You Look

For today’s stupid news. A few weeks ago State Rep. Mandy Powers Norrell, a Lancaster Democrat, accused West Point and Annapolis cadets of racist hand gestures.

Well guess what? The Service Academies investigated and found out it was, drum roll please, the circle game. Come on I was doing this in the nineties in the Air Force. Rules are ” The objective of the “circle game” or “basic killer” [1][2] is to form a circle with one’s thumb and forefinger (the “OK” gesture) on the leg below the waist and get someone else to look at it.[2] If the person looks, the gesture-maker gets to hit them,[1] or is simply considered “out” or “killed”.[2] In some variations the target can put their index finger through the hole without looking at it and thereby win the right to punch the maker of the gesture ” Gained widespread use when featured on a Malcolm in the Middle episode.

Unreal. Now they say the OK sign is a hate symbol. Hey proclaimers of the offended. Just because you say something doesn’t make it true. No you can’t have this, it’s not yours. Nobody ere gave it to you. I’m currently using it, go wank off.

Let me know what you think. The comments and pictures are all in fun. No sense of humor? Too bad.

Daddy Issues


I was getting tired of my hosting site. Their platforms were constantly getting hit. I was always receiving brute strength password hack attempt alerts. Coupled that with30 minute waits just to talk to a person, and every issue being “elevated”¬† to the technicians with a day or two turn around just to put the next fire out.

I took the advice of my brother Rob, who jumped ship to GoDaddy a couple of years ago. I migrated over the July 4 weekend. I was talking to a real person located in the US within three to five minutes. They were very helpful. One guy Michael stayed on the line for hours until we got the problem resolved. To be fair, I FTP’ed a whole site over¬† breaking a lot of links and pointers for the new site. If I was doing this from a new website it would have been instant. Heck I even learned a few tricks during the last day. The stuff they wasn’t allowed to do because it was on my end, they walked me through it. Every time issues has to elevated the original rep would stay on the phone with me until it was resolved. And right now I saved 50% by signing up for three years at $3.99 a month. I defiantly recommend these guys.