Took a Drive to a Local Country Nursery

I needed a peach tree, because apparently you need two. Cross pollination and all that. This place in Caledonia, Mississippi is a place Paul James would love. It’s nestled in the country surrounded by tall lush woods and open farm fields. It’s called Bloomers

It has a rich assortment of plants, flowers and trees. With all kinds of yard novelties ranging from whimsical to tacky.

In the center is a building with a completely enclosed walk around porch. I arrived on a windy day and was treated to all the wind chimes singing in harmony. It was sort of cool when the big deep sounding ones synced their octaves. It was kind of spiritual in a connected nature kind of way.

Check out my media section for all the pictures. Oh, and this

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This Screams Rob

3 thoughts on “Bloomers

  1. Silverfiddle

    My wife planted peach trees here years ago. In our yard and in various neighbors’ yards around the neighborhood. They only bloom about once every other year because we have late frosts here. I tried to tell her that there’s a reason they don’t grow peaches at 6000 feet, but she wouldn’t listen. Hope springs eternal…

  2. Rob O.

    Peach trees are so finicky around here, but there are few things better than a just off the tree peach! With the drought we’re experiencing and the water restrictions, I’m just trying to do what i can to keep the shade-providing trees alive.

    I’m gonna take a pass on the pink flamingo but I do love wind chimes. I catch all manner of grief from Dede anytime I come home with a new chime – or a new Hawaiian shirt!


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