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Jobs Bill

President in his address to a joint congress last night was desperate to get his a job bill passed. The main job he should be worried about is his. He now once again called for an end

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to bi partisan bickering and called for a truce that could derail his American Jobs bill. I think I heard that two years ago. How’s that been working so far? Would that be the same bi partisan support that was used in Obama care? With his approval rating at an all time low of 38% this was his Hail Mary pass. Obama’s proposed package includes a payroll tax cut for all workers, a payroll tax cuts for most business, and billions in extra spending on infrastructure improvements. Infrastructure by the way is the new term for stimulus. Nancy, the minority harpy in charge has banned the word stimulus. President Obama said 16 times in his speech, to “Pass this Bill”. Sounds a mite desperate. He even threatened to take it to the people if congress didn’t propose the bill. I guess that would be the new spirit of cooperation.

Magic Money

It will cost 450 billion dollars. Will that be more China loans? How is he going pay for this? He wants to tax again wealthy Americans. I got news for you. At some point they move themselves and their businesses to another country. He claims that every US working family will see a tax cut of $1,500. Each employer that hires a person that’s been out of work longer than six months would receive a $4000 credit. Obama never could promise how many jobs would be created. He promised to give details, later. He essentially want to give tax cuts to people that don’t pay taxes anyway and increase the taxes on the very persons that are in the position to create new jobs. Last I heard the national debt was $44,000 for each American. Given that the top five percent pay over half the taxes and only 47 percent of people pay any taxes isn’t it time to spread the burden out evenly? I know there are people at the lower end of the economic scale. But percentage wise they should not pay as much as those that make more. And I especially hate that tax filers that reach a zero taxable income can get a “refund”. That is not a refund, that’s welfare.

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

I was watching Frank Luntz, a political pollster, after the speech last night. He specializes in analyzing groups reactions during speeches. He had a focus group that was comprised of Democrat and Republican voters. Both showed less than enthusiastic response to the speech. When queried, almost all voiced disappointment in the way the economy has been handled so far. Most thought Obama’s proposals were more of the same old tired rhetoric. Obama isn’t proposing this now because he magically thought of a revolutionary process to miraculously fix the economy overnight. He is pure and simple on the campaign trail to save his own neck. It’s too late for that. It has been two years in his presidency and no president has ever been reelected with a 9.1 percent unemployment rate.


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  1. Rob O.

    One step would be to stop subsidizing boatloads of cheap, disposable imports from China. I used to take great pride in buying New Balance shoes when they were made in the U.S. but they’ve offshored much of their manufacturing now.


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