Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

There’s no way

I can let this slide. Two days ago the Santa Fe police department released building surveillance footage of a New Mexico state trooper vigorously interviewing a female suspect on the hood of a car. He is in full service uniform. Although I can imagine the battle rattle ‘his service belt. A Chihuahua is seen witnessing the act.

Trend or Stupid

I don’t think this is indicative of any trend or a sign of society gone astray. It’s simply a case of a stupid decision. Nothing new, people have been making dumb choices forever. This matter is under Internal Affairs investigation. While it may not violate any laws, it does show the department in a bad light and may violate morality rules. Police have to always worry about the appearance of public perception. Hey, I don’t begrudge him getting a little on the side. Just take off the uniform. Most modern departments have core value and standards of conduct rules. It’s just too bad for this guy that this went national. Just slap a reprimand, a week off without pay, and let him learn from his mistakes.

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